STOPFIRE EN Firefighting Centers Featured in Parisian Architectural Highlights

  • Produto: STOPFIRE NF EN 12845
  • Localização: Paris, França
  • Atividade: Transportes, Edifícios e Museus
EFAFLU was selected by a prestigious French company, leader in the fire protection market, to supply fire-fighting systems in accordance with NF EN 12845 for several buildings in the French capital, including the Le Bourget and Bagneux metro stations, and the Mozaic 360, Le Visium, Kalifornia and Espace Lumiére buildings. These prestigious projects featured various fire-fighting systems containing water pumps powered by both electric motors and diesel engines to ensure redundancy in the event of an emergency. EFAFLU's more than 40 years' experience in fire protection, technical capacity, rapid response to enquiries and product quality were decisive for the success of these high-profile projects.