Excellent Partnership: Supplying Hundreds of TGCL Pumps for Power Transformer to the Prestigious French Company

  • Produto: Bomba TGCL
  • Localização: La Roche-sur-Yon, França
  • Atividade: Transformador de Potência
EFAFLU has supplied hundreds of TGCL centrifugal series power transformer oil pumps for power transformers installed on ENEDIS sites. Supplies to this prestigious French company have become regular and diversified since 2015, as EFAFLU has been approved as a reliable partner. Characterized by being supplied in ductile iron, due to the demands of the end customer, EFAFLU made efforts to develop a product that would meet ENEDIS' expectations. The partnership, which began around 10 years ago, remains strong and reinforced due to the quality of the products developed and produced by EFAFLU.