• Compact sweage lifting station.
  • Include all essential components for proper operation.
  • The pump system is into a high-density polyethylene tank.
  • Suitable for collecting dirty, residual, or rainwater with a reduced number of users.
Pump Selection:
  • Equipped with EVT series pumps.
  • Pump selection should consider specific usage and installation conditions.
Pump tank Selection:
  • One pump> DOMUSBOX 200 (PE tank, 200-liter capacity).
  • One or two pumps>DOMUSBOX 600 (PE tank, 600-liter capacity).
FC Version:
  • Includes quick coupling foot.
  • Internal compression piping in PVC DN 50.
  • Outlet diameter: 63 mm.
  • Level switches.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Shut-off valves.
  • Ball Check valves.
  • Tanks can be installed:
    • Buried – in this configuration, install the pumping well with exterior sand lining around the perimeter so that it can absorb the pressures exerted.
    • Surface – for this configuration, no particular recommendation is necessary; however, do not forget to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Collection and pumping of domestic sweage.
  • Collection and pumping of rainwater.
  • Suitable for restaurants and commercial buildings, as well as lifting industrial sweage.

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