The firefighting booster sets from the STOPFIRE line are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of facilities subject to technical or international standards. Among these standards, we highlight:
• EN 12845        • NFPA         • FM
• UNE 23500     • AENOR      • UL
  • Reliability of firefighting systems.
  • Effective and efficient firefighting booster sets.
  • Ensuring the safety of people as the main objective.
  • Protection of material assets against fire damage.
  • Reduction of fire-related risks through extinguishing systems.

Regardless of the associated standards, STOPFIRE pumping systems are generally composed by the following components:

  • Pump sets (main, reserve and jockey)
  • Electrical panels
  • Motors
  • Hydraulic accessories

STOPFIRE BS systems are designed according to BS9251:2021 standard. This  is the most recent design specially designed for UK market. It will guarantee maximum fire safety and high grade residential protection on residential buildings up to 4 floors. System features state-of-the-art sprinkler, faster and more efficient, and LPCB-certified flow switch. It’ss compact and ergonomic design will allow fast and easy transport,  installation and maintenance


STOPFIRE EN Systems are designed according to EN12845 standard. The system must be sized, taking into account the guarantee of automatic supply of the required flow and pressure for the fire fighting network. In Portuguese territory, this equipment also complies with technical note No. 15.


STOPFIRE NE units are designed according Spanish technical rule CEPREVEN. This rule is based on the EN12845 standard, adopting some particular modifications.


STOPFIRE NA units are designed according American standard NFPA20 (without approval). These equipments comply with the hydraulic and constructive sizing standard requirements.


STOPFIRE FM units are designed according American standard NFPA20 with FM (Factory Mutual) and/or UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval. All components of the main or reserve pumps require approval or listing by these entities. The Jockey pump and its accessories are not required to be approved or listed.


STOPFIRE NO Designed according to other international standards such as UNE 23-500 (Spain), or others.

The construction and performance characteristics are defined by the choosed standard.

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